Joly Township Financial Statements :
On an annual basis the Township is audited by an external accounting firm which verfies the financial matters related to the Township have been conducted in accordance with Public Sector Accounting Board standards. Once this process is completed the Township is then in a position to release annual audited statements in compliance with the Municipal Act. Please see the attached links to our audited statements.

To view the Consolidated Financial Statements December 31, 2015   click here
To view the Almaguin Highlands Air Park Financial Statements December 31, 2015   click here

Joly Township Official Plan:
The purpose of the Official Plan for the Township of Joly, is to establish a policy framework to guide the physical, social and economic development of the Township, and to protect the natural environment within the Township to the year 2021. Through this Official Plan it is Council's intent to:
  • achieve an orderly pattern of settlement;
  • protect and conserve good agricultural land;
  • protect and when possible enhance the quality of the natural environment;
  • encourage economic development and prosperity; and
  • encourage necessary social, cultural and educational facilities and services.

To view the proposed Official Plan   click here
To view the proposed Official Plan Schedule "A"   click here
To view the proposed Official Plan Schedule "B"   click here
To view the proposed Official Plan Schedule "D"   click here

Energy Management Plan:
To view the 2014 Joly Township Energy Management Plan click here.

Asset Management Plan:
To view the 2013 Joly Township Asset Management Plan click here.

Municipal Accessibility Plan:
To view the 2013-2018 Joly Township Municipal Accessibility Plan click here.

Performance Measurements:
To view the 2012 Joly Township Performance Measurements Reports click here.

Energy Consumption:
To view the Joly Township Energy Consumption Reports click trhe year you wish to view.

Emergency Response Plan:
The township has a Emergency Response Plan in place if an emergency were to occur. We are looking for individuals or groups to share their time/equipment (backhoe, bulldozer, truck, tractor, dump truck, admin) if the plan is implemented. Interested parties please contact the township for further information. To view the Emergency Response Plan click here

Application for Consent:
This application form is to be used if the Central Almaguin Planning Board is the consent granting authority. In this form the term “subject” land means the land to be severed and the land to be retained. For more information, or to print this form click here.

Statistics Canada 2011 Profile:
To view the Statistics Canada Joly Township 2006 Profile click here.




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