The Township of Joly now offers the option to pay by credit card or debit card through Plastiq, a third party service provider. Plastiq, is an online third party payment service provider, that allows you to use your credit card to make payments more conveniently through their secure online system. Membership is free, and there are no obligations. A fee of 1.75% of the amount paid is levied by Plastiq for each credit card transaction, or 1.00% for debit cards. This fee is independent of any property tax amounts.

You are responsible for ensuring that the Township receives your property tax payment by the payment due date. To avoid late fees please allow at least 3 to 5 business days from the date a payment is submitted, for your payment to reach the Township. The Township receives your payment on the date Plastiq sends us the funds, not on the date you make your payment. Penalty and interest charges will apply if your payment is received late by the Township. This is an online payment option only. Credit card and debit card payments for property taxes can not be processed in person at the Township Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Plastiq?
•Convenience of paying quickly
•Access to the rewards, points, or miles of your credit card
•Payment scheduling tools
•Ability to pay from any internet-enabled device
•Control over how you pay

What is Plastiq?
•Plastiq is a service that empowers cardholders to make payments for property taxes with their card of choice.

Can I make a credit card or debit card payment for my property taxes at the Township Office?
•No, credit card and debit card payments for property taxes are not accepted at the Township Office. Credit card and debit card payments can only be made for property taxes online using Plastiq.

Why is there a convenience fee?
•Third party payment service providers, such as Plastiq, charge a convenience fee to use their service. The fee covers payment handling and processing charges. A fee of 1.75% of the amount paid is levied by Plastiq for each credit card transaction, or 1.00% for debit cards. The Township of Joly does not receive any part of the convenience fee. Plastiq is an independent company providing a service to you.
•For each transaction using Plastiq, two charges will appear on your credit card statement: 1) the principal amount of the payment and 2) the service fee.

If I make a payment online with my credit card through Plastiq, how long does it take for the payment to go through?
•Once a payment is submitted, Plastiq charges the credit card used and channels the transaction to the merchant in the form in which they best receive it. If merchants receive payments electronically, such as your municipality does for property tax payments, then payments made through Plastiq will typically reach them in 3-5 business days, similar to any credit card transaction. Please account for weekends and holidays

Can I still pay in other ways?
•Yes, the Township is simply adding a new option that allows you to make payments with a credit card.

Taxpayers should be ready with the following information:
•The 19 digit property tax roll number located on your tax bill
•The balance owed on your property tax bill
•Your credit card or debit card

If you have this required information and are ready to pay your Township of Joly taxes then click the Pay Now button to proceed.



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